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Tips to extend your life expectancy

As our life expectancy increases over the years, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise, all of our habits have an impact on our health. There is no magic formula for eternal youth, nor is there a cure to prevent wrinkles from appearing on our body, a small change in our habits can make a big difference in the long run.

Consequences of not having medical insurance

After the Covid-19 pandemic, taking care of family health and well-being has become a priority. Today more than ever, prevention and protection are very important, we are all susceptible to accidents or illnesses, but with health insurance we will have the peace of mind to face these difficult situations in the best possible way.

Emergency fund

Emergencies are unpredictable in nature; an accident, home repairs, illness, vehicle breakdown or other unexpected expenses can affect and even destroy financial stability, to avoid this it is necessary to have an emergency fund.

Advantages of having an insurance agent

When purchasing health insurance to protect yourself and your family in situations that require medical care (accidents, hospitalizations or illnesses), it is necessary to have the advice of an insurance agent who can help you find a policy that suits your needs and budget.

Importance of Mortgage Protection Insurance for your Household

Most people don't think about homeowners insurance until they buy a home of their own. Although we all know there are accidents, thefts, etc., many people start with the belief that "it will never happen to me". But when faced with situations, it is important to have insurance that allows us to recover from the economic effects of the situation.